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We specialize in providing high end architectural, landscape & interior designing services for residential, hospitality & commercial spaces. Along with that we also manufacture bespoke luxury furniture.
We have our own set of values and work ethics that govern our process of work which includes comprehending our clients’ thoughts, their habitat needs, lifestyle demands and functionality requirements with the help of a Design Questionnaire that has all the necessary questions needed. Our responsibility is not to prescribe you a style, but rather to find it. When we meet, there is a process where you may share your ideas and opinions with our highly qualified design analysis team. This is a brainstorming session during which we analyze the architectural, interior design or interior décor project in light of your vision. At this stage we systematically harvest inputs from you in order to build a solid foundation of knowledge.

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Pragati Aggarwal


Pragati Aggarwal completed her architectural training from Sushant School of Architecture, Gurgaon.
She truly belives that a great design acts as a catalyst in enhancing the interactive experience of people with their surroundings. This belief constantly drives her to research on newer means and materials to provide the best design with the understanding of the cultures and the communities we serve.
With the aim of combining design instict architectural research, and education she has founded InGrace, a multi-disciplinary design firm, built on the basic principle of enhancing and exposing the bare beauty of materials, specialising in Architecture and Interior Design.
We at Ingrace, whilst continously exploring the fundamental problem of space, proportion, light and elements, strive to create timeless aesthetic relationships which evoke/evoking the spirit of contemporary culture, ecology and technology.
The essence of her work style is modernism; at each stage, it emphasises the integrity of material and craftsmanship, linking the physical environment with the art of making architecture.

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